Thursday, 29 December 2016

Struggling to find the perfect floor for entertaining? Look no further than County Flooring!

If you have recently been renovating your home and are struggling to find the right flooring, County Flooring is your ideal choice. We have a wide range of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles which are magnificent flooring that enhances any room by adding practical benefits and giving it a natural look. Karndean luxury tiles have elegant antique, ceramic and wooden effect floorboards that are quiet underfoot.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are versatile and affordable and give you a wide range of the spectrum of patterns, colors, and sizes for you to choose from that will best suit your taste and the designs of your home. We have several Karndean products such as vinyl composition tiles or luxury vinyl tiles that suit the flooring needs of your home. Our vinyl tiles are resilient and are therefore considered the best choice for high traffic areas. Our personnel are well equipped with the right knowledge involving luxury vinyl tiles, and they are also passionate about the appearance, quality, and texture and can advise you on the best tiles that are good for your home.

Our Karndean vinyl tiles are very durable and do not crack and always feel warm. They will also give you a look of handcrafted stone tiles and real hardwood flooring that is of high quality as well. In addition to its warm underfoot feeling, it is equally easy to clean. We will easily install and fit the Karndean flooring for you and that also includes laying up to the sides of the room and the walls. The vinyl product has widespread commercial use, and it is also common for you to see Karndean flooring in shopping malls or centers.

There are various techniques that we use when installing some of the Karndean products installing techniques include laying a leveling screed and leaving it to dry for one night. The floor is also extremely neat and leveled, and the floor does not need to be prepared when preparing to install. It is also important to note that hiring professionals are the best thing to do because our experts understand the complexity of dealing with the flooring. Our personnel are experienced in checking for leveling screeds and dampness for such things like skirting boards complications or fireplaces.
The Karndean flooring planks are not interlocked, and they are not interlocked, and they are flexible and thin. The Karndean flooring can also be installed by use of a heavy roller to set the flooring in the right place.

Make an excellent choice by contacting us through the phone or our website and start a journey to decorating your home with one of our brilliant and natural look of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles products

Monday, 12 December 2016

We can fit Karndean luxury vinyl tiles before Christmas

Your floor talks a lot about you and how well you are able to take care of your space. To help you put the best in your flooring, we have wide range of karndean flooring products that we can provide to our clients at an affordable price. Karndean luxury vinyl tiles enhance the look of your room to be more elegant by giving it a natural look.

Our Karndean luxury vinyl tiles provide our clients with a wide range of options to choose from in terms of colour, size and patterns. Luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl composition are some of the products that are available for our clients. Karndean products are very durable and do not wear out easily, and they are more popular for those people who wishes to have a warm flooring. We are experts in installing karndean luxury tiles and our experienced experts understand the techniques of preparing your rooms for installation.

It is common to see karndean luxury tiles in busy commercial places such as shopping centers because of their durability and their magnificent display. Our karndean products are also resilient and irrespective of the number of people or even items passing along them, they can easily withstand heavy footfall and be used for a very long time.

The karndean flooring is thin and flexible and unlike other tiles they are not interlocked. Our professionals can also install the karndean luxury vinyl tiles by using heavy rollers to put them in their desirable positions. By hiring our expert team, you will be assured of excellent jobs because our they have the experience of carrying out complicated installation. It is also important to be guaranteed of better installation because they will check for various things such as dampness complications involved with skirting boards and perfect the process of leveling screeds.

Karndean flooring is also very reliable if you are looking for a floor that is appropriate for use with an underfloor heating system. Karndean luxury vinyl products are also great if you are looking for a floor that is easy to clean as well as maintain. They require little or no staining, sanding or frequent treatments that most other floors need.

To get the best karndean luxury tiles for your home or commercial space, contact County flooring or visit our website and experience the best flooring services as you change your home floor to a more desirable and brilliant appearance.  

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

If you're looking for vinyl tiles, look no further than the Karndean range

Your Nottingham home deserves the best floor that you can give it – it needs to be long lasting and also aesthetically pleasing. That is why your new floor should be from the Karndean luxury vinyl tiles range. These are some of the best vinyl tiles in the market. They are known not only for their beauty but also for durability. Even in the most trafficked areas of your home such as the living room, kitchen and hallways will look new after many years. There are other benefits to these floors.

•    They are easily the easiest to maintain wood floors. Since they don’t lose their varnish there is no need for you to sand, stain and lacquer them every few years – this is something that you have to do every few years with other brands of wood floor. Cleaning them is easy too – one wipe with a wet mop is all that it takes.

•    You will not have to worry about buckling and warping as you would with other floors. These tiles have a protective PU layer applied on them. When moisture gets on these tiles it isn’t absorbed and the tiles stay in good shape even in the coldest Nottingham winters.

•    Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are great because they come in so many different designs for you to choose from. They come in wood and in stone and in each of these categories you will find anything from plain designs to intricate ones. In fact, to make your home look more interesting you can choose different designs for certain areas.

•    Karndean stone tiles are easier to work with than natural stone tiles. Your flooring will be done faster because unlike other stone tiles these ones are designed for fast installation. In fact, they are perfect if you are adding an extra room upstairs – since they are light they will not present any weight problems.

•    These tiles are great value for money. When you consider how much use you will get out of your new floor you will understand why you are getting such a great deal.

Although there are several suppliers of vinyl tiles in Nottingham we recommend that you get your from the best, County Flooring and Supplies. They have been selling different kinds of floors for more than 50 years so you can be sure that they are familiar with the world of flooring. They have a wide range of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles for you to choose from (both stone and wood).

They are well known for their excellent customer service so if you don’t know how many tiles will be needed for each room you can ask them to send over a floor technician to take measurements.

You can find out more on their website,

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Trust County Flooring to Supply You with the Very Best Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you are in the market for a new floor for your Nottingham home you should consider Karndean luxury vinyl tiles from County Flooring and Supplies. These are a brand of luxury tiles of very high quality that last a long time. Karndean tiles feature intricate details design-wise and you can be sure that your home will have unique and beautiful floors. They can be made from word or stone and there are many designs that you can choose from. There are many reasons why you should consider Karndean tiles.

•    As we have already mentioned, they last a long time. It costs a lot of money to install new floors in your home and the last thing that you want is to have to replace your new floor after just a few years. By installing Karndean luxury vinyl tiles you ensure that you have floors that will continue to look great for many years.

•    Karndean tiles are easy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Unlike many other wood floor brands, you will not need to sand or stain these floors for them to maintain their looks. The tiles have a PU coating which makes them non-porous which means that you don’t have to worry about them absorbing water – many wood floors tend to buckle especially in winter because they are not waterproof.

•    These tiles make your home much more hygienic since they are so easy to keep clean. The PU coating helps as well.

•    You can use underfloor heating with Karndean luxury vinyl tiles.

•    Natural stone tiles are quite heavy which makes them difficult to install especially in upstairs rooms. Karndean stone tiles, however, are light which makes them perfect. They are also not slippery the way natural stone tiles are sometimes. They are perfect to use in rooms that have frequent spillages such as the kitchen and bathroom.

•    When compared to carpets Karndean tiles still come out ahead – they do not harbour dust or mites and they are much easier to clean.

There may be several vendors of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles but we recommend that you buy yours from us at County Flooring and Supplies. We have been in business for more years and are renowned for our excellent customer service. We are also experts at the actual flooring installation – we will come to your home, tear out the old floor and install the new Karndean tiles. We even take away your old floor and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. If you are not sure about how many tiles are needed we can help with that too – we will send over one of our technicians to measure the rooms and come up with the number of tiles you should buy.

You can find out more about Karndean luxury vinyl tiles on our website,

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Karndean. The only name you need to know in the luxury vinyl flooring market

Karndean is a true industry leader in luxury tiles and vinyl flooring. With years of extensive industry experience, County Flooring continue to specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial flooring. With the utmost pride in our projects and a strong eye for detail, the County Flooring team has helped beautify countless homes and business with world-class Karndean flooring. From traditional wood grains to vinyl and acetate – they offer a myriad of flooring options and the client always comes first. As your premier Karndean flooring experts, simply visit our website and access the online project and showroom gallery.

When it comes to Karndean luxury vinyl tiles, you get expert installation from talented and certified flooring experts. Whether for large rooms, small rooms, or entire homes and businesses we have the tools and expertise to meet all your needs within time and budget. As your Karndean experts, the company has deep roots in the community and is committed to excellence in all flooring projects. No job is ever too big or small – and the team even offers a myriad of product samples to help you make a worthwhile and informed decision.

From on-going commercial projects with Blue Chip Companies to making your bathrooms and kitchens sparkle like new, County Flooring is committed to exceeding client expectations and achieving all desired results. With true precision, we monitor each flooring project from start to finish – and always leave you with a smile.

As your Karndean vinyl tile specialists and suppliers, all our clients receive high-quality products and services at cost-affordable rates. From remodels and new homes to enhancement projects, our services include but are not limited to:

•    Complimentary consultations – project quotes and estimates.
•    Residential flooring for domestic properties, remodels, new homes, letting agents, landlords and much more.
•    Commercial flooring for local businesses, retail establishments, warehouses, hospitals, schools, sports venues, clinics, government offices, leisure venues and much more.

Karndean features a wide array of luxury vinyl and traditional tiles for your convenience. Whether for kitchens, bathroom remodels, or new businesses and homes – our comprehensive and cohesive tiling services continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. Simply contact us to discuss all your tiling options and services. You can also access our online showroom gallery to see how these amazing tiles will look in your home or office.

For more information or a free quote, please visit our site or contact us today and get the professional flooring you deserve at  

Monday, 10 October 2016

The benefits of choosing Karndean luxury vinyl tiles for your home

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are excellent flooring for your floor, and it’s a great way to add natural beauty to your flooring. Karndean flooring exudes authenticity in its design and even though lacks uniformity; they have all the features of the natural materials. Additionally, they don’t go through the manufacturing and therefore has no added chemicals or other artificial products that might have long-term effects on your health or that of your family. We have the best Karndean tile in Nottingham.

Benefits of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles
Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are water resistant. It is an outstanding alternative to another flooring such as laminate or engineered wood – because of this ability, it does not warp or get damaged from unpreventable spillage and maintains its natural form.
They also have textured surfaces which make them a good choice when you kids around since they are not slippery, unlike ceramic tiles or stone flooring. They are an ideal pick for the bathrooms and kitchen where spillage is mostly unavoidable.

Karndean flooring weighs less making the tiles easy to install unlike other flooring options such as stone or ceramic tiles. This feature also makes them a superb choice for upstairs flooring.
They are also easy to clean and do not harbour any bacteria such as mites like carpets and another flooring. They are an ideal choice for the underfloor heating systems.
Due to its nature as a non-manufacturing material, you will be free from any manufacturing process defects. Their natural designs also make them warmer, unlike marble, stone or ceramics.
They are also hardwearing and unlike another flooring such as Laminates and they are known to maintain their shape. This feature also makes it durable.

Karndean flooring can be customised according to personal preference by adding other decorative design features, borders, and strips to make it unique and desirable.

Different designs
Ship’s deck: It is chocolate or ebony design strips that are dark, and they are integrated between each wood look plank. It can make the Karndean tile larger in its appearance.
Decorative Borders: adding decorative borders complement your Karndean floor and are especially wonderful in an open-plan space.

Keyline Border: A Keyline border addition makes your Karndean flooring to be more sophisticated, and there are a different array of designs to choose and add.
Layout: you can also add different patterns such as chequerboard, 45° (degrees) straight lay or herringbone.

Combined Designs: Karndean flooring allows you to combine different designs such as color palette with contrasting tones and have decorated texture.

Our Karndean luxury tiles in Nottingham are the best both in designs and quality. Home space flooring is a long-term commitment and Karndean flooring is an ideal choice that will provide a wonderful space for a long period.

Visit our website to find out more about the Karndean range: 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Have you ever considered opening a trade account with us?

How often do you run out of inventory and don’t have cash to buy more for your Nottingham flooring business? Or have you ever lost a customer to the competition because you didn’t have inventory? If you have had to deal with one or both of these scenarios you should contact us. County Flooring and Supplies understands that smaller businesses don’t always have the cash to buy flooring materials so we open trade accounts for them.

A trading account is a facility that allows you to get flooring materials such as tiles and carpets and then pay us later at the end of the month. We have a wide variety of products, which means that you will be able to sell your clients a variety as well. We work with only the best brands – you can choose from Karndean, Cormar, iTec and many others. You can also buy several different accessories including a range of screeds, adhesives, tools, underlays, trims and various others.

There are several advantages to opening a flooring trade account with us. The first is that you don’t have to pay cash up front, which leaves you with capital to do other things with the money. You can, for instance, spend money on marketing so that you can drum up more clients. When they pay you you can then pay us with ease.

The second advantage of having a trading account at County Flooring and Supplies is that you can replenish your inventory immediately or even before it runs out. What would happen, for instance if a customer placed a large order and you don’t have cash on hand? If you have Nottingham flooring trade account with us all you need to do is call us and we will deliver to you.

We are also happy to open trade accounts for contractors. As a contractor you know that sometimes work can come to a standstill if you don’t have money to buy materials. This often delays projects which, ironically, costs you more money. If you open a trade account with us you will never have to worry about delays due to flooring material shortages – just call us and tell us what you need and it will be delivered to your site.

Some will argue that trade accounts are expensive. We assure you that our flooring trade accounts are set up with very reasonable terms. The only time they become expensive is when traders don’t pay on time as agreed. If you settle with us on the due date you will not be charged any additional fees.

You can find out more about our trading accounts from our website,

Monday, 19 September 2016

Not only do we stock Karndean luxury vinyl tiles, but we have a range of other vinyl flooring solutions and carpets on offer

It is important that you install the right kind of flooring in your Nottingham home – it should look good and match with the rest of the décor and it should also be long lasting. County Flooring can deliver to your exact needs; one of our leading products are Karndean luxury vinyl tiles. In case you have never heard of Karndean tiles, this is a flooring manufacturer that are well loved because theyir products last a long time are also low maintenance. They come in many intricate designs so you can be sure that you will find something that suits your needs.

Other than Karndean flooring, we sell a wide range of flooring solutions. Polyflor tiles are also popular with our customers - they have a polyurethane coating that makes them long lasting and you can choose the non-slip option. These tiles come in a wide variety of designs and colours as well. If you like you can compare Polyflor and Moduleo, another manufacturer of high quality tiles that lend an excellent finish to any room. They have a very high anti-slip so they are recommended in homes for the elderly. In fact, they help you reduce your carbon footprint because they are made of recycled materials. You have the choice between a wood effect and a stone effect.

County Flooring and Supplies is not just a Nottingham luxury vinyl tile service though. We also supply very high quality carpets. One of the most popular brands is Brockway. This is a family owned business that supplies carpets made out of pure wool which makes the long lasting. You can choose from finishes such as Beachcomber, Carnaby, Cavendish, Connections and more.

If you have a young family we suggest that you go with a different brand – Cormar carpets. These are carpets that are stain-proof. They are designed in such a way as to repel stains for up to 10 years so you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth. You can choose from many different styles and designs on offer.

Lastly, you can also choose to buy Penthouse carpets. This is another manufacturer who creates carpets that are either pure wool or wool-rich which makes them long lasting.

County Flooring and Supplies is well known for its customer service. Once you buy a product from us we will transport it to your home and then rip out the old flooring and replace it with the new one. You won’t even have to worry about disposal – we take away the old carpet or tiles and dispose of them safely.

You can find out more on our website,

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

We can provide flooring for commercial properties as well as residential

Not only do County Flooring offer residential flooring in Nottingham, we offer commercial flooring services in Nottingham. At County Flooring and Supplies, we have different flooring products that suit the needs of our clients. We have a different range of products that include wooden flooring, this type of flooring is easy to clean and offer the traditional and contemporary look. Wooden flooring also fits well in kitchens, lounges and utility rooms. We also have safety flooring that is attractive for both commercial and residential sectors.

We have also partnered with the industry leaders in designs such as Polyflor, Tarkett, Altro, Forbo and Dec. We also have vinyl flooring, and we have partnered with the leading manufacturers such as Polyflor, Rhinofloor, Gerflor and Novilon. Vinyl is known to be durable, cost-effective as well as having limitless aesthetic options. Vinyl flooring is also safe, easy to maintain and can be combined with traditional and natural textures such as wood and stone. We supply flooring for wet rooms such as bathrooms, swimming pool surrounds and changing rooms. Our flooring supplies for wet rooms have raised embossed specification for safety, tight grip and comfort. We have rubber flooring that is soft and hardwearing, and they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as in other areas such as playgrounds. There are laminate flooring in our range products that are easy to maintain in addition to making our clients’ floors look stylish and authentic.

For those who love to add a touch of exquisite background in their compounds, we have artificial grass. Artificial grasses can also be installed in exhibition displays, landscape and home gardens. Our clientele base includes residential properties whether it is in apartments or single home properties. We offer Nottingham commercial flooring services to different clients that include retail sites, school properties, health and hospital properties, sports facilities such as stadiums, public and leisure properties. Other places that are within our clientele base include local building properties and veterinary facilities. Our showrooms are fantastic and are just a piece of how great you flooring can look when our highly trained and experienced experts work on your floor. We are also free and willing to help our clients on the best flooring products and services that suit their space. Our partnership with the leaders in the flooring industry such as Polyflor, Tarkett and Altro shows our commitment to providing the most authentic and brilliant flooring products and services. Visit our website or call us through 01159 861 309.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Cormar Carpets and Karndean Vinyl Tiles; just two of the popular flooring brands we stock

Your Nottingham home is in need of new flooring and you are wondering which vendor you should use – there are several flooring vendors in the area but you obviously want to work with the best. One that comes highly recommended is County Flooring and Supplies. They have been installing flooring solutions for years and are known for their top quality floors. In addition to that they have well trained installers - once you buy a carpet or tiles from them they will transport to your home, remove the old flooring and then install the new one. You will not even have to deal with disposal – they take away the old flooring with them and get rid of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Here are some of their top brands:

Karndean Design Flooring
Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are one of County Flooring and Supplies’ most popular products. Homeowners like them so much because they are long lasting, they look great, there is a wide range to choose from and also because they are easy to install. The designs contain intricate features that will make any floor look beautiful and they are also low maintenance. You can get finishes such as parquet, standard wood planks, slim wood planks, wide wood planks and more.

Cormar carpets
County Flooring and Supplies are one of the biggest Nottingham suppliers of Cormar carpets. In case you have never heard of them, Cormar carpets are one of the best in the market because they are stain-proof. They are designed in such a way that they repel stains for up to 10 years. If you have a young family there is no better way to go than to let County Flooring and Supplies install Cormar carpets in your home. There are many designs that match different kinds of décor so you can be sure that you will get something that suits the different rooms in your home.

Brockway Carpets
This is another popular brand of carpeting and people like them because of their quality – you will not need to buy new carpets for many years. Brockway carpets are made of natural wool which gives them longevity. Again, there is a wide range that clients can choose from.

Polyflor luxury floor tiles are designed to be installed in residential as well as commercial buildings. If you have simple décor in your home these are perfect – they are designed to look natural so they will blend in perfectly. They have a polyurethane surface to give them a log life and they are also non-slip.

You can read about other brands of top quality flooring offered by County Flooring and Supplies on their website,

Monday, 5 September 2016

Speak to us today about a flooring trade account

With so many companies providing flooring solutions, traders need to be extremely careful with whom to do business with. County Flooring and Supplies has emerged as the best Nottingham Flooring Supplies Company. Having an experience spanning years in the flooring industry, County Flooring and Supplies is undoubtedly best qualified to offer flooring solutions in your home, sports stadium, and even retail areas. They install flooring nationwide and provide a comprehensive measuring service that is specific to your needs.
The client always comes first at county Flooring and Supplies. This comes as great news to traders who are in need of a source for vinyl flooring and carpets. County Flooring and Supplies has flooring trade account and carpet trade account available. With the massive knowledge gained over the years, County Flooring and Supplies can provide high-quality flooring and carpets to traders. Also, the customer service offered is amazing and hassle free.
The trade counter is strictly for trade only. Traders can partner with County Flooring and supplies by registering their project with County Flooring and Supplies. This enables them to work together keeping in mind the trader's specification to come up with the best solution available. With so many carpets and vinyl flooring ranges to choose from, the staff at County Flooring and Supplies is more than happy to help you in choosing what best suits your need at affordable prices.
County Flooring and Supplies stock flooring and carpets from leading manufactures in the market. This guarantees that all the products provided are top notch quality designed to give you value for your money. They are stockiest of; F.ball, Ardex, Polyflor, Morleys, Instamac, I-tec, Gradus, Sweeney Todd Blades, Quantum among many others.
No work is left unfinished. This means that County Flooring and Supplies ensures that all your projects are done completely and finished to satisfaction. Also, you are not required to pay anything in full until you are completely happy with work done.
In addition to trade accounts, County flooring offers others services including; flooring consultation, residential flooring, and commercial flooring. They have massive products available to choose from including; carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, wooden flooring, safety flooring, artificial grass just to name a few.
In Conclusion, County Flooring and Supplies is the only stop for all your flooring and carpets needs and more so for traders as it ensures successful completion of all projects.
Feel free to call 01559 861 309 or visit  for more information.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Carpets, tiles and more! Just come and take a look in our showroom

When it comes to purchases on flooring and carpets, many factors come into play such as; quality, price, personal taste and preferences among others. This may cause a lot of confusion and disappointments when you do not know where to shop. Well, at County Flooring and supplies which is a Nottingham Flooring Company, you get to have it all. This is a company that offers a vast collection of tiles, carpets, and commercial flooring. More so, they have over 50 years experience in this industry qualifying them as the experts in the field. With all the wide options, high-quality products, and excellent customer service at County Flooring and Supplies, why would you go anywhere else?

County Flooring and Supplies has placed itself as an industry leader in supplying Nottingham carpets. They stock wool and man made carpets from leading British manufacturers such as Cormar and Penthouse. Whether you need carpets for home or commercial purposes, County Flooring and Supplies is the place to shop. Their wool carpets exhibit numerous advantages some of which are; hard wearing and durable retain their pile and shape extremely well, recover from furniture compression, hypoallergenic, flame resistant, and resistant from permanent staining among others. The wool carpets provide you with a soft and comfortable floor. The man made carpets provide great value for money and come in varied colours for you to choose from them.

Luxury vinyl tiles are among the best products provided by County Flooring and Supplies. They stock high quality and exquisite luxury vinyl tiles from leading manufacturers in the market such as; Moduleo, Karndean, and Polyflor. The designs from these tiles are many and beautiful giving your property the authentic, classy style you aim for it.

Institutions and big businesses are in the heart of County Flooring and Supplies. They offer commercial flooring services. They understand the importance of the schedules, programs, and deadlines that companies need to achieve in today’s world. Having worked with blue chip companies for over 15 years, it is a guarantee that commercial flooring done by County Flooring and Supplies is undoubtedly the best. They are professionals and offer full project management service from the first site survey to the finished article. Commercial flooring which is done by County Flooring and Supplies include institutions like educational buildings, healthcare and hospitals, local authority buildings, public houses and leisure, retail sites, sports stadium and veterinary practices.

For more information or queries, kindly contact County Flooring and Supplies at 01559 861 309 or visit their website;

Monday, 15 August 2016

See what you could discover with luxury vinyl tiles

If you are searching for luxury vinyl tiles, look no further than County Flooring and Supplies. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are emerging as a great competitor for lino and many others in the market. As the best supplier in the market with highly qualified professionals, County Flooring and Supplies stock a wide range including; Moduleo, Polyflor, and Karndean.

County Flooring and Supplies has provided vinyl tiles for a very long period. This is a guarantee of quality products from the above-mentioned brands. The wide ranges of these luxury vinyl tiles are available for viewing in their showroom. Whether you are looking for natural and highly authentic wood or stone looking flooring, you will get it at County Flooring and Supplies. These tiles have polyurethane reinforcement that is ideal for commercial and residential sectors.

There are many benefits of purchasing luxury vinyl tiles from County Flooring and Supplies. Some of which include; they are slip resistant hence preventing fatal falls, they are great insulators of heat and sound, and there is a possibility of multiple designs which will enable you to get any flooring design that you may desire. Some ranges may feature embossed appearance, and there is also a full range of design strips and borders available. The ranges stocked at County Flooring and Supplies are;
They have a high quality finish and come in many stylish colours. These tiles are meant to create an exceptional finish in any environment.

Polyflor vinyl tiles have a natural and elegant look that brings out exquisite style as well as substance to every room.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles offer a click- locking system designed for quick and easy installation.

It is no doubt that County Flooring and Supplies is the only solution to your flooring solutions. With the collective experience of over 50 years in the flooring industry, County Flooring and Supplies is uniquely specialised to handle all sectors of contract and domestic flooring.

In addition to providing luxury vinyl tiles, County Flooring and Supplies also offers floor preparation which includes; damp proof membrane, ply boarding, underlayment, self-leveling underlayment and smoothing compound. There are also other products available at County Flooring and Supplies such as; wet rooms, rubber flooring, laminate flooring, carpets among others. County Flooring and Supplies has a full dedicated team that aims to further clients’ expectations from the initial meeting to the sign off of the end product.

For more information or queries, kindly contact County Flooring and Supplies at 01559 861 309 or visit the website;

Monday, 8 August 2016

Flooring doesn't have to be boring we can put the joy back into choosing a new floor

When building a home, a lot of shopping is involved. County Flooring and Supplies have gone a notch higher to make your flooring shopping expedition enlightening and exciting. This Nottingham flooring company offers a vast collection of flooring options. This wide variety available on display for viewing in their showrooms makes choosing of your flooring not only fun but also enables you to pick out the best flooring type that best suits your needs. 

Every person requires different types of flooring for different rooms and reasons. This is why County Flooring is fully dedicated and equipped with highly qualified personnel to offer you the best Nottingham flooring services. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of this company. With years of experience in the industry, it is true to say that their flooring and carpets are of the high-quality and come at unbeatable prices.

County Flooring and Supplies understand the importance of durability and sustainability when it comes to any flooring.  With this in mind, they ensure that they supply flooring range from leading and reputable manufacturers. The flooring ranges include;

Wooden flooring- They provide the perfect solid wood floor covering that is guaranteed to meet all of your requirements.

Vinyl Flooring- They provide a variety of vinyl Floor covering that is seamless, hygienic, durable and comfortable. This range of flooring is a great choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Safety flooring- This range has outstanding durability and sustained slip resistance making it safe but still providing an attractive interior in commercial or residential sectors.

Wet rooms- This flooring range is extensive, stylish and safe and ideal for walk-in showers, changing rooms and swimming pool surroundings.

Rubber Flooring- This range is multipurpose as it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms but also in gymnasiums and playgrounds.

Laminate Flooring- This flooring is affordable, hard-wearing, quick to install and easy to maintain.

Carpets- This is a wide range of man-made and woolen carpets.

Artificial grass- it is ideal for terraces, landscaping gardens where the excellent outcome is needed, exhibition displays or simply in your garden at home.

Floor preparation- This aims to ensure that the right preparation is done and that you have a beautifully smooth, flat and rigid subfloor.

It's evident that County Flooring and Supplies has all you need. Give them a call at 01559 861 309 or visit their website; for more information.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Come and take a look at our range of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles theyll give your home a sleek, easy to clean and elegant look

An excellent finishing touch to your house makes it attractive. You need a well a well-furnished floor, and this can only be achieved if you include the services of an experienced hand. County flooring has dedicated itself to ensuring that you have the best floor.  County Flooring is a Nottingham Flooring Supplies company which has a vast experience in all aspects of flooring.
They are experienced in the installation of all kinds of flooring ranging from wet rooms in your homes to retail areas and sports stadium flooring.  The experts use their expertise knowledge to ensure that the floor is fixed just as you wish it to be.   
At times, you may be considering taking a flooring option that will replace the stressful cleaning carpets. If you are looking for something that is easy to clean and has a long life, then you may be thinking of luxury vinyl tiles.  County Flooring is a leading stock market of vinyl tiles of the Karndean vinyl tiles. This range of tiles is the best flooring solution that you can ever think of. With some qualities that surpass other tiles with their durability then you can be sure that at no time will they disappoint you. 
There are several reasons why you should choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles from the Karndean Company. These tiles are highly resilient, and they are not only resistant to abrasion but also impact damage.  They can also be refinished using chemical strippers and buffer equipment repeatedly.  They are also easy to be removed and replaced in case of severe damage. All these aspects have made the tiles become more popular and are not only being used in the commercial field, but homeowners are buying them for domestic flooring purposes.  
County Flooring offers a range of parquet from the Karndean. Some of the parquets range that you will find here include the AP03 Black Oak Parquet, AP05 Spanish Cherry Parquet, AP03 Russet Oak Parquet, AP04 Sundown Oak Parquet, AP06 Morning Oak Parquet, AP02 Auburn Oak Parquet, and AP01 Blond Oak Parquet. 
Whatever you flooring needs are, Country Flooring is dedicated to ensuring that you achieve your dream. They have a greatly experienced team that will be ready to help you with the flooring issues. They will offer you with advice on what materials to take and also deliver them for you and if you need them to, install for you. All you need is to give them a call or visit their website for more information on the flooring options available

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cormar; the leading brand name in elegant, comfortable carpets

If it’s carpets you are after, look no further than Cormar carpets. Cormar is the leading brand name in elegant, fashionable and comfortable carpets. It is an unparalleled award winning carpet that has served millions for decades and is still a force to reckon with in the industry. There is simply no better combination of value, quality, and choice than Cormar carpets. Cormar’s ranges are continuously updated to ensure that their styles and colours complement the current home furnishing styles.

Cormar carpets are manufactured in different pile weights and come in various forms such as stair carpet, lounge carpet or bedroom carpet to suit different areas of your home. A wear suitability rating is usually provided for customers on all carpet samples.

We at County flooring pride ourselves with Cormar carpets among other exquisite carpet designs. We are a Nottingham flooring supplies company with vast knowledge and relevant experience in all angles of the flooring industry. We are also Cormar carpet stockists in Nottingham. We stock many Cormar designs that you can sample in your own home so that you can be sure you are getting not only the best quality carpets but the carpets best suited to your home. We supply a comprehensive range of wool twist carpets, easy clean polypropylene carpets, heather shades and textured loop carpet in plain all courtesy of Cormar carpets.

County flooring installs any kind of flooring nationwide. We provide comprehensive measuring services tailor-made to suit your precise needs. We have all the expertise and equipment to perfect any flooring project and guarantee fully insured work and products.

County flooring guarantees you of reliable services and high quality products from renowned manufacturers in the industry.  Feel free to contact us on 01159 861 309 and get a free, no obligation quotation today. You can as well get in touch with us via email through or visit our website; view our range of products.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Forget carpets, luxury vinyl tiling is the way forward!

Carpets add an exclusive look to your house, and their nice, smooth texture gives you the comfy feeling. This is a good feeling but in a case where you have a bunch of messy kids and a couple of dogs in the house it will not be as comfy as you may wish it to be.  This calls for the need of you having a more hard-wearing and easy to clean replacement to the carpet. In this case, luxury vinyl tiles are the solution to your problem.  

County Flooring offers you a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles from different companies.   If you are looking for something natural and highly authentic, look no further. County Flooring is a leading Nottingham vinyl tile stockist. We supply tiles that are reinforced with polyurethane making them ideal for both residential and commercial uses. The tiles are also slip-resistant and great heat and sound insulators. We stock tiles with myriad designs with some having an embossed appearance feature and others with design strips and borders. All these designs can be viewed from our Nottingham Flooring Showroom.  Some of the major quality supplies that they stock in our showrooms include Polyflor, Karndean, and Moduleo.

Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tile
Moduleo offers a range of vinyl flooring products that are anti-slip with a rating of R10 making the flooring safer underfoot compared to their natural counterparts.  All materials from Moduleo are recycled and contain up to 50% recyclable material. They additionally offer a wide range of stone and wood effect with textures that is beautifully recreated.  These products are easy to clean, contain a protective PU stain and a layer of scuff protection which ensures a finish that is long-lasting, and they are good sound absorbers.

Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles
These luxury vinyl tiles are specifically designed for easy and quick installation. There are a number of designs ranging from the unusual pebbled and mosaic designs cut from wood and stone.  They have a low maintenance needs while still being durable. They have a number of extensive designs that you will not have a problem in finding the right covering for your floor.  

Polyflor Luxury vinyl tiles
Polyflor is a well-known international supplier of vinyl flooring and provides a large number of luxury vinyl tiles that are guaranteed to suit all residential and commercial needs.  They offer both tiles and plank formats. They have realistic surface textures, available in both slip resistant and standard formats, and have a polyurethane reinforcement. 

So if you think vinyl tiles might be just what you need in your home, give us a call or visit our website at today

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

We can supply flooring solutions for sports stadiums, hospitals and veterinary practices

If you are in need for someone to do flooring solutions in your home or your office, you should contact County Flooring. County flooring does a lot of work for both residential houses and commercial places. They supply specialist flooring solutions for stadiums, hospitals, veterinary practices, and many more establishments. They do different kinds of contracts and are not hesitant in doing any job no matter the size.

They offer the following services to their clients:
·         Flooring consultations
They give consultation services to their clients where they advise them on the different kinds of flooring solutions they can use. They have years of experience in the flooring industry and have accumulated a lot of knowledge. Clients who contact them are assured of getting the best advice in flooring solutions.
·         Residential flooring
County flooring supplies different kinds of floor coverings for clients. You can get the floor covering of your home to get the desired look. They also make the floor according to your specifications and work fast to ensure you get time to enjoy your new floor. They have customized designs that look great in the home, and you can get consultations for putting different floors in different parts of the home.
·         Commercial flooring
In the commercial world, time is a very important resource. County flooring knows this and offers a professional approach in commercial flooring. They have worked with several companies over the years and delivered quality floors for their clients. They offer flooring solutions for education buildings, hospitals, local authority buildings, public houses, retail centers, and sports stadiums among others.

County flooring offers full project management service during the entire project. Their fitters are also certified under the insured and construction skills certification scheme and insured. The staff at county flooring are very friendly and are quick to answer any questions that you may have. They use the best flooring products for their clients and work with the client specifications. County flooring is the right company to give all the flooring solutions you might need.

They provide durable flooring solutions that are required for different establishments. For homes, county flooring has customized flooring solutions that will give the home a complete look. They provide flooring solutions that are hygienic and durable. Clients who are interested in their services should visit their showroom to have a look at the quality flooring samples available. Those who want to put in a new floor or renovate their floors should contact county flooring and get a consultation 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"I need some luxury tiles for my bathroom and kitchen" - No problem!

A home is a lifetime investment which should be cared for and so is a commercial property that brings revenue. These are valuable assets and they should be built in such a way to exist for an extended period. Buying bathroom and kitchen tiles can be tedious. With a lot of luxury tiles in the market, it can be confusing to know which company to choose. Well, look no further. County Flooring have the best quality luxury tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. We have been in business for a very long time and as a result we have knowledge in fitting and supplying luxury tiles for both residential and commercial properties.
The range of luxury vinyl tiles offer from County flooring and supplies is available for all to see at our Nottingham showroom. They consist of natural and highly authentic wood and stone flooring that is low maintenance. That means after the first purchase of the luxury vinyl tiles, you will not need to spend a lot of money in maintaining the tiles so that they can keep the initial appeal. The tiles also have polyurethane reinforcement which makes them ideal for residential and commercial sectors. Another advantage of the tiles is that they are slip-resistant and great insulators of heat and sound. That is crucial as it prevents slips and falls in the bathroom and burns from the kitchen. It is possible to get many designs featuring an embossed appearance while others have strips and borders.
The Karndean luxury vinyl tiles that we supply really are some of the best on the market. This is a product designed for quick and easy installation. The range of designs is huge and available in wood and stone more unusual mosaic and pebbles. These luxury tiles are detailed and have unique characteristics while remaining to be durable and of low maintenance. With the huge variety of designs to choose from, you are sure to find the luxury tiles to meet your specifications. 

What's more, our staff are helpful and will guide you in making a choice that will leave you with zero regrets. You can visit our showroom to view these amazing designs or call 01159 861 309 for more information. Alternatively, you can check out our website

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Commercial, residential, whatever your flooring needs, we can accommodate you

Having the right flooring in your home or commercial property is crucial not only for the décor of the building but also for protection against accidents. Every property differs from one other, and it is vital to have a company that will meet your needs and wants; we can guarantee that kind of service at County Flooring. Regardless of whether your property is residential or commercial, County Flooring provides a range of flooring that suits your needs from hospital floors to the most luxurious Kamdean vinyl tiling

So, why us?
We have highly trained and experienced staff
We have specialised in all sorts of contract and domestic flooring over the years and pride ourselves on achieving success in every single project. With the knowledge gained over the years, we listen to clients' requirements and advise on the best flooring from the huge variety that are in today’s market.
Great customer service and high quality
County Flooring and Supplies put the customer first. Clients’ satisfaction is the backbone of this company. We achieve this by providing quality flooring which can withstand day to day traffic at your home or workplace.  The needs of the clients are taken into serious consideration. We can tailor make each project to meet these needs, from ongoing commercial projects to a new look in your home we provide a site visit where we take measurements to ensure the right fit of flooring in designated rooms so that you needn't worry about a thing.
The work done by County Flooring is fully insured
This gives a guarantee that work done by us is great and is hassle free. Clients need not worry at all. We also do not require paying in full until you are completely happy with the work done so you are always in control
We can conclude that County Flooring and supplies are who you need for installing commercial or residential flooring. We recommended you visit our showroom to have the best flooring shopping experience. Alternative, you can give us a call at 01159 861 309 or visit our website at

Thursday, 16 June 2016

We dont just supply residential carpets and tiles take a look at our commercial flooring too

Often people tend to overlook the fact that even places that they work in need to have a superior look. Not only do you need to ensure a clean home but also have your work place appealing always.  This is the reason why at County Flooring we recognise this need and offer you with expert commercial flooring options.   

County Flooring is one of the Nottingham Flooring Supplies companies that are experienced in all aspects of flooring.  The company has a great team of experts who are greatly experienced to handle any flooring needs. They also deal with flooring supplies from any manufacturer across the country and will readily supply you with the same if you need.
They are a leading expert in Nottingham commercial flooring dealing with different aspects of commercial flooring. The major areas of specialisation in this sector include retail sites, healthcare, veterinary practices, sports stadiums, and public houses and leisure venues.
Healthcare facilities are a sensitive place and need close attention. Durability and cleanliness is of paramount importance when it comes to flooring. The experts at County Flooring have gone an extra mile and install floors that are slip resistance and homogeneous floors.  They offer this service to dental surgeries, walk in centers, major hospitals and nursing homes.

Veterinary practices flooring have the same needs as those of the hospitals.  County Flooring and Supplies ensure that the flooring materials used here meet the need for a sterile and clean environment. They ensure that the flooring profile is flexible to enhance easy cleaning of up stands and edges.

For a long period of time, County Flooring has dedicated themselves to providing flooring solutions to many public houses and leisure venues including restaurants, pubs, hotels as well as night clubs.  These places require high hygiene and hence the need to make a good choice of the flooring material to use. The experts here dedicate themselves to ensuring that this need is met and the hygiene is well maintained. They use Polyflor and or Altro capped and covered slip resistance floor coverings to enhance easy cleaning.

Apart from being providers of residential carpets Nottingham, County Flooring and Supplies pride themselves in being leaders in Nottingham tiling. They offer both residential and commercial flooring services and ensure that you get the best services that you cannot get elsewhere.   Consider your commercial flooring troubles over as now you can trust County Flooring to do a perfect job for you.  To get more information regarding their services, you can visit their website:

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Where can I go for luxury Karndean vinyl tiles? County Flooring of course!

People often want bigger and better things in their home because over time they get tired of the look and feel of their home decoration. They normally do two things: start with home renovations or they will move to another house. The first things that they may do when they start with home renovations is to change the look of the floors. So where do you go for the ultimate in luxury vinyl tiles for your home? County Flooring of course! We sell Karndean luxury vinyl tiles - an unbeatable flooring solution. They make wood flooring and stone tiles, and with Karndean tiles you will be able to give your home the look that it deserves. It is quick and easy to install the tiles and when they are down they are also low maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are perfect if you want to give your home a natural yet special look. You have a range styles and colors to choose from and they will be affordable and durable in your home. Karndean tiles will make your visitors feel at home and they will be amazed what these new luxury Karndean tiles can do for a home. Our staff at County Flooring will be more than happy to show you what we have to offer in the huge range of vinyl tiles we stock. Our staff are experienced in what they do and they will give you the best advice on what will look good in your home and what the best buy will be for you.

At County Flooring you can have a look at the range of Karndean tiles we have and we will be able to answer all of your questions and give you the best advice. We will help you to make sure that your home gets the look that it deserves. The Karndean range will give you a variety of options to choose from to make your house look and feel like new. You can visit County flooring at or you can give us a call on 011 598 61309 for more information on the Karndean range that we stock.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Always wanted a wet room? Look no further than County Flooring

Converting a standard bathroom into a wet room is a great way to give the room a more modern, contemporary and stylish look. As well, with wet rooms continuing to grow in popularity, adding one to your home is a great way to increase its overall value, as long as the home also features at least one standard bath.
Most bathrooms can be renovated into a wet room; although they do tend to work better in larger spaces as otherwise you may find the toilet roll and towels getting wet from the shower spray. Still, by removing the bath and the shower and the shower screen, you can nonetheless make a small bathroom suddenly seem much larger. On the other hand, you can leave the screen in to help minimize the spray.
When it comes to designing and installing a wet room, the work really should always be done by a professional. If it's not done properly, you may find that the floor doesn't slope as it should, thus leading to puddles gathering all over the floor. Of course, that's really just the least of your worries, as if the waterproofing isn't done correctly, you could find yourself facing some much more serious water damage issues.
For these reasons, you should always leave a major job like this to professional craftsmen such as those at County Flooring. After all, you don't want to spend all that money on your brand new wet room only to have to tear it all out again once things start leaking. 
At County Flooring, we have years of experience designing and installing wet rooms, as well as the expertise to make sure everything is done right. Our team of skilled Nottingham flooring professionals take pride in creating beautiful work that exactly matches the customer's specifications. To make things easier, we offer full service flooring solutions and can help take you through the process of designing the room, selecting the tiles, grout colour and every other little detail.
If you've long been considering adding a wet room to your home, but didn't know where to turn, our Nottingham flooring services can help provide you with everything you need to achieve your vision. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we'll do whatever it takes to turn your dream wet room into a reality. So why not visit our website or give us a call to see just how easy it can be to finally get that wet room you've been longing for

Monday, 23 May 2016

Everything you need to know about floor preparation

Having new floors installed in your home or office can go a long way towards brightening up the look, style and feel of any room. No matter whether you're thinking about new carpets, new tile floors in the kitchen or bathroom or any other style or type of new flooring, it's important that you choose an experienced company such as County Flooring in order to achieve the best results. We offer a full range of Nottingham flooring services, enabling you to get the floors of your dreams without all of the hassle and headache.
When it comes to flooring solutions, there is a whole lot more to it than simply laying down new tiles or carpets. Obviously, before the new flooring can be installed, it is first necessary to tear out the old flooring. Still, even once this is done, the new flooring cannot yet be installed, as first the floor surface must be properly prepared. Along with removing the old carpet, tiles or linoleum, it is also necessary to make sure that any glue, mortar or other adhesive is also fully removed from the floors otherwise the new flooring may not be able to properly bond, potentially causing major issues in the future.
Removing this adhesive material can be a tough, time consuming job, often requiring scraping, chemical removers and other techniques in order to ensure that every single speck has been fully removed.  Depending on the type of flooring being installed, it may also be necessary to do some grinding to the floor to make sure that the new flooring adheres to the concrete slab properly.
Basically, if the floor preparation is not done correctly, you may be seriously comprising the quality and durability of the new flooring. Without proper floor preparation, you might as well not even hire a Nottingham flooring solutions company, as you'll probably be just as well off with your old flooring rather than wasting the time and money of an inferior job that won't last. 
Still, when it comes to choosing new flooring, most people are still much more concerned with choosing the right style and design and how the finished product will look than they are with the little details like preparation. However, if you want your new floors to look their best and last, proper floor preparation is definitely just as important as the flooring that you choose. So don't waste your time and money on just any Nottingham flooring services, and instead give us a call or visit our website to see what County Flooring can do for you

Friday, 20 May 2016

Trade accounts, residential properties - we can do it all!

If you’re looking for flooring solutions for your residential home or commercial premises, then we’re your go-to company. We’ll provide you services that’ll not only meet your expectations but equally make you feel the value of your money.

As a Nottingham flooring company, we offer residents and businesses quality services whether it’s your bathroom floor or a sports stadium.
County Flooring strives to give their clients nothing but the very best ensuring we leave you a happier customer than you previously.

Why you’ll want to work with us
We boast years of experience giving us the chance to stand out among our competitors in the flooring industry.
Furthermore, we have a team with sufficient knowledge and years of experience capable of dealing with your flooring solutions no matter what it is – we specialise in any sector residential or commercial.
Our clients will always come first because customer satisfaction has always been our core motivator. Moreover, we’re a licensed company that’s equally fully insured allowing you to rest easy knowing everything will be handled in order.
County flooring understands how valuable time is to you – it is to us as well – this is why we’ll work within the shortest time possible while ensuring we leave your floor looking better than ever.

What will we do for you?
We’re a Nottingham flooring services’ company dealing with every kind of flooring solutions you may need. Among our range of services, our team will ensure you get the best;

Residential flooring service
We’ll supply you with all sorts of floor coverings for your home making sure we meet your needs while tackling every detail of your house from the bathroom floor to your living room.

Flooring consultation services
We’ll additionally listen to your needs, tend to them and ensure you leave our company a happy and satisfied client. Our staff will answer your questions and remove any doubts of choosing flooring solutions to upgrade your home’s look.

Commercial flooring
Not only will we tend to your home’s floor, but we'll also further change the look of your commercial premise as we’ve always done for more than fifteen years.

Are you a trader looking to open an account?
You’re in the right place. No need looking any further because we’re here for you. We’ll help you find the right carpets or vinyl flooring that undoubtedly suits your place.

Want to hear more?
Be sure to reach us if you’d love to get more information

Monday, 9 May 2016

Samples galore! Come and take your pick

There are so many flooring options available these days which may lead to wrong decisions which can have a negative impact on your home in the long run. Carpeting and flooring is key to any home or company, hence the need get all the information before considering a purchase.

Every home need goods durable carpets and flooring solutions that best fit the requirements of the client. County Flooring gives the best flooring solutions in the market. There are many reasons as to why we should be your first and only option when considering carpets and flooring.

One of the many reasons is that we put the customer first in everything. Our main principle is making the client happy which relates to good quality products and services, and timely delivery.

Carpets supplied by County Flooring are from the best manufactures on the market. The wide variety enables a client be able to choose what goes with the current décor of their house. They are hard wearing and long lasting and it's hard for a client not to find what they are looking for. The best part is that we have a huge range of samples for you to take home and try against the current decor of the house so you are never second guessing what the new floor might look like.

We offer a wide variety of flooring solutions including wooden flooring, safety flooring, and vinyl flooring among others.  In addition to this we offer services such as floor preparation - an essential first step for preparing a room for a new floor.

We have a huge range of experience in the flooring industry which serves as an assurance that any product and service offered by us is beyond compare. The advice offered on how to choose what best fits a customer’s requirements definitely helps you make the best decisions.

So what are you waiting for? All your carpet and flooring requirements are solved professionally and our friendly team is always on hand should you have any questions.

Contact us today on: 01159 861 309 or visit our website