Thursday, 29 December 2016

Struggling to find the perfect floor for entertaining? Look no further than County Flooring!

If you have recently been renovating your home and are struggling to find the right flooring, County Flooring is your ideal choice. We have a wide range of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles which are magnificent flooring that enhances any room by adding practical benefits and giving it a natural look. Karndean luxury tiles have elegant antique, ceramic and wooden effect floorboards that are quiet underfoot.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are versatile and affordable and give you a wide range of the spectrum of patterns, colors, and sizes for you to choose from that will best suit your taste and the designs of your home. We have several Karndean products such as vinyl composition tiles or luxury vinyl tiles that suit the flooring needs of your home. Our vinyl tiles are resilient and are therefore considered the best choice for high traffic areas. Our personnel are well equipped with the right knowledge involving luxury vinyl tiles, and they are also passionate about the appearance, quality, and texture and can advise you on the best tiles that are good for your home.

Our Karndean vinyl tiles are very durable and do not crack and always feel warm. They will also give you a look of handcrafted stone tiles and real hardwood flooring that is of high quality as well. In addition to its warm underfoot feeling, it is equally easy to clean. We will easily install and fit the Karndean flooring for you and that also includes laying up to the sides of the room and the walls. The vinyl product has widespread commercial use, and it is also common for you to see Karndean flooring in shopping malls or centers.

There are various techniques that we use when installing some of the Karndean products installing techniques include laying a leveling screed and leaving it to dry for one night. The floor is also extremely neat and leveled, and the floor does not need to be prepared when preparing to install. It is also important to note that hiring professionals are the best thing to do because our experts understand the complexity of dealing with the flooring. Our personnel are experienced in checking for leveling screeds and dampness for such things like skirting boards complications or fireplaces.
The Karndean flooring planks are not interlocked, and they are not interlocked, and they are flexible and thin. The Karndean flooring can also be installed by use of a heavy roller to set the flooring in the right place.

Make an excellent choice by contacting us through the phone or our website and start a journey to decorating your home with one of our brilliant and natural look of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles products

Monday, 12 December 2016

We can fit Karndean luxury vinyl tiles before Christmas

Your floor talks a lot about you and how well you are able to take care of your space. To help you put the best in your flooring, we have wide range of karndean flooring products that we can provide to our clients at an affordable price. Karndean luxury vinyl tiles enhance the look of your room to be more elegant by giving it a natural look.

Our Karndean luxury vinyl tiles provide our clients with a wide range of options to choose from in terms of colour, size and patterns. Luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl composition are some of the products that are available for our clients. Karndean products are very durable and do not wear out easily, and they are more popular for those people who wishes to have a warm flooring. We are experts in installing karndean luxury tiles and our experienced experts understand the techniques of preparing your rooms for installation.

It is common to see karndean luxury tiles in busy commercial places such as shopping centers because of their durability and their magnificent display. Our karndean products are also resilient and irrespective of the number of people or even items passing along them, they can easily withstand heavy footfall and be used for a very long time.

The karndean flooring is thin and flexible and unlike other tiles they are not interlocked. Our professionals can also install the karndean luxury vinyl tiles by using heavy rollers to put them in their desirable positions. By hiring our expert team, you will be assured of excellent jobs because our they have the experience of carrying out complicated installation. It is also important to be guaranteed of better installation because they will check for various things such as dampness complications involved with skirting boards and perfect the process of leveling screeds.

Karndean flooring is also very reliable if you are looking for a floor that is appropriate for use with an underfloor heating system. Karndean luxury vinyl products are also great if you are looking for a floor that is easy to clean as well as maintain. They require little or no staining, sanding or frequent treatments that most other floors need.

To get the best karndean luxury tiles for your home or commercial space, contact County flooring or visit our website and experience the best flooring services as you change your home floor to a more desirable and brilliant appearance.