Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Come and take a look at our range of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles theyll give your home a sleek, easy to clean and elegant look

An excellent finishing touch to your house makes it attractive. You need a well a well-furnished floor, and this can only be achieved if you include the services of an experienced hand. County flooring has dedicated itself to ensuring that you have the best floor.  County Flooring is a Nottingham Flooring Supplies company which has a vast experience in all aspects of flooring.
They are experienced in the installation of all kinds of flooring ranging from wet rooms in your homes to retail areas and sports stadium flooring.  The experts use their expertise knowledge to ensure that the floor is fixed just as you wish it to be.   
At times, you may be considering taking a flooring option that will replace the stressful cleaning carpets. If you are looking for something that is easy to clean and has a long life, then you may be thinking of luxury vinyl tiles.  County Flooring is a leading stock market of vinyl tiles of the Karndean vinyl tiles. This range of tiles is the best flooring solution that you can ever think of. With some qualities that surpass other tiles with their durability then you can be sure that at no time will they disappoint you. 
There are several reasons why you should choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles from the Karndean Company. These tiles are highly resilient, and they are not only resistant to abrasion but also impact damage.  They can also be refinished using chemical strippers and buffer equipment repeatedly.  They are also easy to be removed and replaced in case of severe damage. All these aspects have made the tiles become more popular and are not only being used in the commercial field, but homeowners are buying them for domestic flooring purposes.  
County Flooring offers a range of parquet from the Karndean. Some of the parquets range that you will find here include the AP03 Black Oak Parquet, AP05 Spanish Cherry Parquet, AP03 Russet Oak Parquet, AP04 Sundown Oak Parquet, AP06 Morning Oak Parquet, AP02 Auburn Oak Parquet, and AP01 Blond Oak Parquet. 
Whatever you flooring needs are, Country Flooring is dedicated to ensuring that you achieve your dream. They have a greatly experienced team that will be ready to help you with the flooring issues. They will offer you with advice on what materials to take and also deliver them for you and if you need them to, install for you. All you need is to give them a call or visit their website for more information on the flooring options available

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cormar; the leading brand name in elegant, comfortable carpets

If it’s carpets you are after, look no further than Cormar carpets. Cormar is the leading brand name in elegant, fashionable and comfortable carpets. It is an unparalleled award winning carpet that has served millions for decades and is still a force to reckon with in the industry. There is simply no better combination of value, quality, and choice than Cormar carpets. Cormar’s ranges are continuously updated to ensure that their styles and colours complement the current home furnishing styles.

Cormar carpets are manufactured in different pile weights and come in various forms such as stair carpet, lounge carpet or bedroom carpet to suit different areas of your home. A wear suitability rating is usually provided for customers on all carpet samples.

We at County flooring pride ourselves with Cormar carpets among other exquisite carpet designs. We are a Nottingham flooring supplies company with vast knowledge and relevant experience in all angles of the flooring industry. We are also Cormar carpet stockists in Nottingham. We stock many Cormar designs that you can sample in your own home so that you can be sure you are getting not only the best quality carpets but the carpets best suited to your home. We supply a comprehensive range of wool twist carpets, easy clean polypropylene carpets, heather shades and textured loop carpet in plain all courtesy of Cormar carpets.

County flooring installs any kind of flooring nationwide. We provide comprehensive measuring services tailor-made to suit your precise needs. We have all the expertise and equipment to perfect any flooring project and guarantee fully insured work and products.

County flooring guarantees you of reliable services and high quality products from renowned manufacturers in the industry.  Feel free to contact us on 01159 861 309 and get a free, no obligation quotation today. You can as well get in touch with us via email through or visit our website; view our range of products.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Forget carpets, luxury vinyl tiling is the way forward!

Carpets add an exclusive look to your house, and their nice, smooth texture gives you the comfy feeling. This is a good feeling but in a case where you have a bunch of messy kids and a couple of dogs in the house it will not be as comfy as you may wish it to be.  This calls for the need of you having a more hard-wearing and easy to clean replacement to the carpet. In this case, luxury vinyl tiles are the solution to your problem.  

County Flooring offers you a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles from different companies.   If you are looking for something natural and highly authentic, look no further. County Flooring is a leading Nottingham vinyl tile stockist. We supply tiles that are reinforced with polyurethane making them ideal for both residential and commercial uses. The tiles are also slip-resistant and great heat and sound insulators. We stock tiles with myriad designs with some having an embossed appearance feature and others with design strips and borders. All these designs can be viewed from our Nottingham Flooring Showroom.  Some of the major quality supplies that they stock in our showrooms include Polyflor, Karndean, and Moduleo.

Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tile
Moduleo offers a range of vinyl flooring products that are anti-slip with a rating of R10 making the flooring safer underfoot compared to their natural counterparts.  All materials from Moduleo are recycled and contain up to 50% recyclable material. They additionally offer a wide range of stone and wood effect with textures that is beautifully recreated.  These products are easy to clean, contain a protective PU stain and a layer of scuff protection which ensures a finish that is long-lasting, and they are good sound absorbers.

Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles
These luxury vinyl tiles are specifically designed for easy and quick installation. There are a number of designs ranging from the unusual pebbled and mosaic designs cut from wood and stone.  They have a low maintenance needs while still being durable. They have a number of extensive designs that you will not have a problem in finding the right covering for your floor.  

Polyflor Luxury vinyl tiles
Polyflor is a well-known international supplier of vinyl flooring and provides a large number of luxury vinyl tiles that are guaranteed to suit all residential and commercial needs.  They offer both tiles and plank formats. They have realistic surface textures, available in both slip resistant and standard formats, and have a polyurethane reinforcement. 

So if you think vinyl tiles might be just what you need in your home, give us a call or visit our website at today

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

We can supply flooring solutions for sports stadiums, hospitals and veterinary practices

If you are in need for someone to do flooring solutions in your home or your office, you should contact County Flooring. County flooring does a lot of work for both residential houses and commercial places. They supply specialist flooring solutions for stadiums, hospitals, veterinary practices, and many more establishments. They do different kinds of contracts and are not hesitant in doing any job no matter the size.

They offer the following services to their clients:
·         Flooring consultations
They give consultation services to their clients where they advise them on the different kinds of flooring solutions they can use. They have years of experience in the flooring industry and have accumulated a lot of knowledge. Clients who contact them are assured of getting the best advice in flooring solutions.
·         Residential flooring
County flooring supplies different kinds of floor coverings for clients. You can get the floor covering of your home to get the desired look. They also make the floor according to your specifications and work fast to ensure you get time to enjoy your new floor. They have customized designs that look great in the home, and you can get consultations for putting different floors in different parts of the home.
·         Commercial flooring
In the commercial world, time is a very important resource. County flooring knows this and offers a professional approach in commercial flooring. They have worked with several companies over the years and delivered quality floors for their clients. They offer flooring solutions for education buildings, hospitals, local authority buildings, public houses, retail centers, and sports stadiums among others.

County flooring offers full project management service during the entire project. Their fitters are also certified under the insured and construction skills certification scheme and insured. The staff at county flooring are very friendly and are quick to answer any questions that you may have. They use the best flooring products for their clients and work with the client specifications. County flooring is the right company to give all the flooring solutions you might need.

They provide durable flooring solutions that are required for different establishments. For homes, county flooring has customized flooring solutions that will give the home a complete look. They provide flooring solutions that are hygienic and durable. Clients who are interested in their services should visit their showroom to have a look at the quality flooring samples available. Those who want to put in a new floor or renovate their floors should contact county flooring and get a consultation