Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Could your floors do with a new look? Come to County Flooring and see what we have got

Part of the aesthetic appeal of your Nottingham home is the floors. If your floors are worn your home will not look good even if you do a makeover. All floors get drab with time and they need to be replaced; if you don’t replace them not only will your home look poorly, it is also a risk to yourself and your family- old floors have been known to cause accidents. That is why as soon as your floor starts showing signs of aging you replace it immediately with a floor from County Flooring, the top Nottingham flooring supplier in the area.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for luxury flooring in Nottingham or whether you want a floor for your small loft - they have floors of all kinds so you can be sure that you will get something that you will love. There are also all kinds of colors to choose from and by choosing the right one, you will be able to match it to the décor in your home. County Flooring has supplied Nottingham with floors for many years and they only deal with top floor manufacturers. This means that their flooring is of the best qualities so the floor that you buy from them will not need to be replaced for many years.

If you know what kind of floor you want already you can go on their website and get a quote. If you don’t, make time to visit their showroom and see the different kinds of floors that are available. Their employees are trained to assist customers and they will help you choose a floor that is suitable and aesthetically appealing. If you want one of them can come over to your home to see the spaces that you are looking to replace flooring. This gives them a better sense of what is suitable.

County Flooring know that it doesn’t end at buying a new floor; having it installed is quite another matter – if a floor is not installed properly it is a big waste as it will have to be removed. They have trained their employees on how to install all kinds of floors so you can hire them to install your floor for you. They are professional and fast and before you know it your new floor will be in.

You can find out more on their website, http://www.county-flooring.co.uk/

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Take a look at our fabulous range of premium Cormar carpets

County Flooring features an extensive range of carpets, rugs, and floor mats for all. From deep shag and Penthouse carpets to sectional rugs – we showcase all the top brands at cost-affordable price. As your Nottingham carpet experts, we are also proud to offer a wide array of Cormar carpets. No matter the décor or style of your home, we can easily match it with stunning and vibrant Cormar carpets. There are a wide variety of colors and textures to select from, including contemporary and traditional designs. Cormar carpets are designed to last, water resistant, and perfect for those that need wall to wall or sectional carpeting.

The County Flooring Difference
County Flooring is your premier carpet and flooring shop in the UK. Whether for new or existing homes, we feature a full range of carpets, rugs, mats, and even tiling for optimal convenience. With years of extensive industry experience, our sales team is committed to excellence in helping you find the right carpet. From Cormar and Penthouse to all the latest styles and trends – we showcase the best carpets at the best prices. We are also proud to offer the following services for all our dedicated customers:
·         Convenient online carpet gallery showcase – browse hundreds of colors, brands, fabrics, and textures.
·         Top brand names and selections – Cormar, Penthouse, and all leading carpet manufacturers and products for your convenience.
·         Flooring options – tiles, acetate, woodwork, rugs, Persian, centerpiece, furniture accessories and components.
·         Convenient samples – We offer convenient samples for those that want to ensure uniformity and consistency in design. Our online store also features carpet swatches, color patterns, price comparisons, brand reviews and so much more.
·         Competitive rates – The best prices for all your carpeting and flooring needs.

With such a huge range of flooring solutions, County Flooring continues to receive stellar reviews and customer ratings. With a highly dedicated team of design and fabric experts, we can help you find the best carpets for your home or office. This includes solid colors, along with multiple colors and designs. There is a huge section of deep shag brands, as well as sectional pieces for contemporary homes with futuristic designs. From the “less is more” approach to wall-to-wall carpets, you will find everything you need at County-Flooring in the UK. For more information, please visit our site or contact us today and get the professional services you deserve!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Take a look at our fabulous range of premium Penthouse carpets

County Flooring is an industry leader in elegant carpets. We showcase a full range of Penthouse carpets for all residential and commercial establishments. From complete flooring and sectionals to rugs and mats – our carpets are designed to last and effectively match the décor and theme of any home. Whether for new homes or carpet replacements, Penthouse carpets capture the true essence of style and luxury. With multiple designs and flooring sizes available, we guarantee the perfect carpet for your home or business. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation. An extensive carpet gallery is also on show at our website.

Penthouse Carpet Popularity
Penthouse is a household name for carpet production and we feature an exquisite collection of vibrant and captivating Penthouse carpets to choose from. Whether for the living room, bedroom, or wall to wall carpeting, our selection continues to grow and features all the top carpet brands and designers. As your premier UK flooring company, we also offer an extensive range of tiles, mats, acetates, fixtures and other vital accessories. With years of extensive industry experience, our customer service professionals are always available to assist you. Carpets speak volumes about your personal tastes and preferences. but if you are unsure about which color scheme or texture to go with let us help you make a worthwhile and informed choice.

Residential and Commercial Carpeting
Our online gallery showcases a complete selection of modern and traditional carpets. You can also compare prices and rates, along with brands and even check manufacturing dates. From deep shag to water-resistant fabrics, we simply have the best selection of carpeting. We also offer a sampling service for customers to review and compare different products. This is the best way to choose a carpet that will match your furniture, accessories, upholstery and overall décor. 

Whether looking for futuristic or classic carpet designs, head on over to County Flooring today. We continue to receive stellar customer reviews and industry ratings and leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction. For more information, visit our site today and get the best carpet that you deserve!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Are you a trader looking for somewhere to source vinyl flooring from? Look no further than County Flooring!

A beautiful house is of paramount importance to any home owner.  The flooring materials that you choose for your floor have a great impact on the outlook of your home.  Vinyl flooring has become an important aspect in the modern times, and it offers a great look to your home. However, what if you are a trader looking to source flooring supplies? County Flooring not only specialise in providing carpets and vinyl flooring for residential and business customers but also help traders to source the flooring requirements by offering trade accounts.

We assist traders in acquiring flooring materials from reputable companies. We work in collaboration with manufacturers to bring the best of this product. Some of the manufacturers that we work with are Gradus, Cormar, Gripperrods and Instarmac to name a few.

1. Gradus
Gradus are British manufacturers of carpet products including tiled, broadloom and impervious backed carpet options

2. Cormar
Cormar are also British carpet manufacturers - they make wool and man-made carpets in a vast virety of colours to suit every client

3. Gripperrods
Gripperrods are one of the most well known flooring brands and provide a range of flooring preparation and finishing off tools including tapes and carpet grippers

4. Instarmac
Instarmac are an award winning UK manufacturer of cement and bitumen based products

Take a look at our website for the many other flooring material manufacturer we work with at County Flooring! So what are you waiting for?! As a trader, it couldn't be easier to to contact us at County Flooring and set up your trader account today http://www.county-flooring.co.uk/tradeAccounts/