Monday, 22 August 2016

Carpets, tiles and more! Just come and take a look in our showroom

When it comes to purchases on flooring and carpets, many factors come into play such as; quality, price, personal taste and preferences among others. This may cause a lot of confusion and disappointments when you do not know where to shop. Well, at County Flooring and supplies which is a Nottingham Flooring Company, you get to have it all. This is a company that offers a vast collection of tiles, carpets, and commercial flooring. More so, they have over 50 years experience in this industry qualifying them as the experts in the field. With all the wide options, high-quality products, and excellent customer service at County Flooring and Supplies, why would you go anywhere else?

County Flooring and Supplies has placed itself as an industry leader in supplying Nottingham carpets. They stock wool and man made carpets from leading British manufacturers such as Cormar and Penthouse. Whether you need carpets for home or commercial purposes, County Flooring and Supplies is the place to shop. Their wool carpets exhibit numerous advantages some of which are; hard wearing and durable retain their pile and shape extremely well, recover from furniture compression, hypoallergenic, flame resistant, and resistant from permanent staining among others. The wool carpets provide you with a soft and comfortable floor. The man made carpets provide great value for money and come in varied colours for you to choose from them.

Luxury vinyl tiles are among the best products provided by County Flooring and Supplies. They stock high quality and exquisite luxury vinyl tiles from leading manufacturers in the market such as; Moduleo, Karndean, and Polyflor. The designs from these tiles are many and beautiful giving your property the authentic, classy style you aim for it.

Institutions and big businesses are in the heart of County Flooring and Supplies. They offer commercial flooring services. They understand the importance of the schedules, programs, and deadlines that companies need to achieve in today’s world. Having worked with blue chip companies for over 15 years, it is a guarantee that commercial flooring done by County Flooring and Supplies is undoubtedly the best. They are professionals and offer full project management service from the first site survey to the finished article. Commercial flooring which is done by County Flooring and Supplies include institutions like educational buildings, healthcare and hospitals, local authority buildings, public houses and leisure, retail sites, sports stadium and veterinary practices.

For more information or queries, kindly contact County Flooring and Supplies at 01559 861 309 or visit their website;

Monday, 15 August 2016

See what you could discover with luxury vinyl tiles

If you are searching for luxury vinyl tiles, look no further than County Flooring and Supplies. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are emerging as a great competitor for lino and many others in the market. As the best supplier in the market with highly qualified professionals, County Flooring and Supplies stock a wide range including; Moduleo, Polyflor, and Karndean.

County Flooring and Supplies has provided vinyl tiles for a very long period. This is a guarantee of quality products from the above-mentioned brands. The wide ranges of these luxury vinyl tiles are available for viewing in their showroom. Whether you are looking for natural and highly authentic wood or stone looking flooring, you will get it at County Flooring and Supplies. These tiles have polyurethane reinforcement that is ideal for commercial and residential sectors.

There are many benefits of purchasing luxury vinyl tiles from County Flooring and Supplies. Some of which include; they are slip resistant hence preventing fatal falls, they are great insulators of heat and sound, and there is a possibility of multiple designs which will enable you to get any flooring design that you may desire. Some ranges may feature embossed appearance, and there is also a full range of design strips and borders available. The ranges stocked at County Flooring and Supplies are;
They have a high quality finish and come in many stylish colours. These tiles are meant to create an exceptional finish in any environment.

Polyflor vinyl tiles have a natural and elegant look that brings out exquisite style as well as substance to every room.

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles offer a click- locking system designed for quick and easy installation.

It is no doubt that County Flooring and Supplies is the only solution to your flooring solutions. With the collective experience of over 50 years in the flooring industry, County Flooring and Supplies is uniquely specialised to handle all sectors of contract and domestic flooring.

In addition to providing luxury vinyl tiles, County Flooring and Supplies also offers floor preparation which includes; damp proof membrane, ply boarding, underlayment, self-leveling underlayment and smoothing compound. There are also other products available at County Flooring and Supplies such as; wet rooms, rubber flooring, laminate flooring, carpets among others. County Flooring and Supplies has a full dedicated team that aims to further clients’ expectations from the initial meeting to the sign off of the end product.

For more information or queries, kindly contact County Flooring and Supplies at 01559 861 309 or visit the website;

Monday, 8 August 2016

Flooring doesn't have to be boring we can put the joy back into choosing a new floor

When building a home, a lot of shopping is involved. County Flooring and Supplies have gone a notch higher to make your flooring shopping expedition enlightening and exciting. This Nottingham flooring company offers a vast collection of flooring options. This wide variety available on display for viewing in their showrooms makes choosing of your flooring not only fun but also enables you to pick out the best flooring type that best suits your needs. 

Every person requires different types of flooring for different rooms and reasons. This is why County Flooring is fully dedicated and equipped with highly qualified personnel to offer you the best Nottingham flooring services. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of this company. With years of experience in the industry, it is true to say that their flooring and carpets are of the high-quality and come at unbeatable prices.

County Flooring and Supplies understand the importance of durability and sustainability when it comes to any flooring.  With this in mind, they ensure that they supply flooring range from leading and reputable manufacturers. The flooring ranges include;

Wooden flooring- They provide the perfect solid wood floor covering that is guaranteed to meet all of your requirements.

Vinyl Flooring- They provide a variety of vinyl Floor covering that is seamless, hygienic, durable and comfortable. This range of flooring is a great choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Safety flooring- This range has outstanding durability and sustained slip resistance making it safe but still providing an attractive interior in commercial or residential sectors.

Wet rooms- This flooring range is extensive, stylish and safe and ideal for walk-in showers, changing rooms and swimming pool surroundings.

Rubber Flooring- This range is multipurpose as it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms but also in gymnasiums and playgrounds.

Laminate Flooring- This flooring is affordable, hard-wearing, quick to install and easy to maintain.

Carpets- This is a wide range of man-made and woolen carpets.

Artificial grass- it is ideal for terraces, landscaping gardens where the excellent outcome is needed, exhibition displays or simply in your garden at home.

Floor preparation- This aims to ensure that the right preparation is done and that you have a beautifully smooth, flat and rigid subfloor.

It's evident that County Flooring and Supplies has all you need. Give them a call at 01559 861 309 or visit their website; for more information.