Thursday, 25 February 2016

Try before you buy! We have a range of samples for you to take home so you know youve made the right flooring choice

You have been living a long time in your house and you have decided that you want to refresh your floors. You will need to look at the different types of flooring that you get and see what will fit into your budget. The best place to look for flooring is at county flooring and supplies. We have the widest range of flooring and will be able to help you to see what you need. You can visit our show room and have a look at all the luxury flooring that they have available for you to choose from. But that is not all, you don’t have to choose flooring for your house or office there on the spot. You can ask us for samples that you can take home and see what will look the best for you. You can use these flooring samples to get a feel for them and see what you like and what you think will look the best in your house or office. County flooring and supplies have the best flooring supplies for you to choose from. You can take your time and get advice from friends and family to make your flooring look good.

You will also receive expert advice from the crew at county flooring about our wide range of luxury flooring. We have many years experience in flooring and will be able to give you the flooring samples that will fit your taste. You can have a look at all the different Nottingham flooring supplies and decide what you want. The wide range of flooring that we have is vinyl flooring, carpets, wooden flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, wet rooms, safety flooring, laminate flooring, rubber flooring and even artificial grass. So you can’t say that we have nothing to look at because we will give you the variety that you will need. All that you have to do is to visit our showroom and look at the variety of flooring and talk to our experts on what you are looking for. We will give you the advice you need and if you are not sure get some samples from and take it home do make your decision easier. There you can match the samples with the colors in the house and see what will look the best. Then when you are satisfied, go back to us with your decision. We will help you from there on. You can visit our website at or you can give us a call on 01159 861 309 for more information.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

It’s all about the preparation: have a look at our range of floor preparation products

When you decide to upgrade the flooring at your house or office the place to go to is county flooring and supplies. They have the experts with flooring experience that will be able to guide you to the right flooring that you need. They have a wide range of flooring that you can choose from and they will even give you samples that you can take home to make your decision easier. But upgrading flooring has other aspects that you need to look at as well. Before you install new flooring the surface underneath must undergo floor preparation. If you do not prepare the surface beforehand the deterioration of the new flooring will be faster and then you will have wasted your money. The expert and experience staff will make sure that the preparation of the old surface is done and that you have a smooth rigid surface for your new floors. They will guide you all the way and give you the best advice that you need. County flooring and supply have a wide range of flooring preparation products that you can use and here are what they are: 

Underlay for carpets 
The underlayfor carpets is very essential to make sure that your carpets stay new for longer. It has noise insulation and heat insulation. It has wear protection and makes it comfortable to walk and sit on. 

Damp Proof Membrane 
Damp proof membranes are essential to help that you don’t have problems with damp coming from the surface where you will place your new flooring. There are a wide range of damp proof products and the members from county flooring will help you to use the right one. 

County flooring and supply use only the strongest plyboard for your flooring where it will be in contact with moisture for a long time. The ply board that they use are used to build ships with so it is the best. 

Smoothing compound 
The best quality self leveling latex compound is used to make sure that you have the best quality floor before installing carpets or vinyl flooring. County flooring make sure that the floor is clean and dust free and that all crack are filled with a rapid drying compound before using the self level ling compound. 

Self levelling underlay 
This product is used on floors that are not level and of bad quality. It will make the floor smooth before installing your new flooring. 

If you want more information on Nottingham flooring preparation visit county flooring’s website at call them on 01159 861 309. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whatever your budget, we can supply you with the perfect laminate flooring

You have decided to renovate your Nottingham home and you have made up your mind as to everything new you want installed but you can’t seem to make up your mind about the laminate floors in some areas of your home.  It can be difficult to choose a floor because if you go wrong, you will have either to tear it all up or otherwise live with a floor that you don’t like very much. There are so many different kinds of laminate flooring available in Nottingham so you need to find a place that can guide you, and one such place is County Flooring and Supplies.

County Flooring and Supplies are superior to other flooring stores in the area for several reasons. The first is that we have a wide range of laminate floors that you can look at. Whatever d├ęcor you wish to install in your newly renovated home, you can be sure that you will find an attractive and matching laminate floor in County Flooring and Supplies. You can find flooring with all kinds of finishes; if you want, you can buy laminate flooring that looks so much like wood that people will thank that you have a wooden floor. If you want something more contemporary you can be sure that you can get it here.

The other reason why County Flooring and Supplies is unique is the kind of customer service we offer to our clients. We know that many people who come in to buy laminate flooring don’t have a lot of extensive experience with floors and that is why we take you around and give you advice based on your specific needs. If you like we can come to your home to see what you are working with and what kind of floor is best for the space you have. We have floor installers who are quick and professional; we will come to your home, rip out the old floor and install the new one with minimum fuss. We also save you the headache of disposing of the old floor – we can take it away and dispose in an environmentally-friendly manner.

You can find out more by calling County Flooring and Supplies on 01159 861 309 and you can see our products on our website,