Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Karndean. The only name you need to know in the luxury vinyl flooring market

Karndean is a true industry leader in luxury tiles and vinyl flooring. With years of extensive industry experience, County Flooring continue to specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial flooring. With the utmost pride in our projects and a strong eye for detail, the County Flooring team has helped beautify countless homes and business with world-class Karndean flooring. From traditional wood grains to vinyl and acetate – they offer a myriad of flooring options and the client always comes first. As your premier Karndean flooring experts, simply visit our website and access the online project and showroom gallery.

When it comes to Karndean luxury vinyl tiles, you get expert installation from talented and certified flooring experts. Whether for large rooms, small rooms, or entire homes and businesses we have the tools and expertise to meet all your needs within time and budget. As your Karndean experts, the company has deep roots in the community and is committed to excellence in all flooring projects. No job is ever too big or small – and the team even offers a myriad of product samples to help you make a worthwhile and informed decision.

From on-going commercial projects with Blue Chip Companies to making your bathrooms and kitchens sparkle like new, County Flooring is committed to exceeding client expectations and achieving all desired results. With true precision, we monitor each flooring project from start to finish – and always leave you with a smile.

As your Karndean vinyl tile specialists and suppliers, all our clients receive high-quality products and services at cost-affordable rates. From remodels and new homes to enhancement projects, our services include but are not limited to:

•    Complimentary consultations – project quotes and estimates.
•    Residential flooring for domestic properties, remodels, new homes, letting agents, landlords and much more.
•    Commercial flooring for local businesses, retail establishments, warehouses, hospitals, schools, sports venues, clinics, government offices, leisure venues and much more.

Karndean features a wide array of luxury vinyl and traditional tiles for your convenience. Whether for kitchens, bathroom remodels, or new businesses and homes – our comprehensive and cohesive tiling services continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. Simply contact us to discuss all your tiling options and services. You can also access our online showroom gallery to see how these amazing tiles will look in your home or office.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

The benefits of choosing Karndean luxury vinyl tiles for your home

Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are excellent flooring for your floor, and it’s a great way to add natural beauty to your flooring. Karndean flooring exudes authenticity in its design and even though lacks uniformity; they have all the features of the natural materials. Additionally, they don’t go through the manufacturing and therefore has no added chemicals or other artificial products that might have long-term effects on your health or that of your family. We have the best Karndean tile in Nottingham.

Benefits of Karndean luxury vinyl tiles
Karndean luxury vinyl tiles are water resistant. It is an outstanding alternative to another flooring such as laminate or engineered wood – because of this ability, it does not warp or get damaged from unpreventable spillage and maintains its natural form.
They also have textured surfaces which make them a good choice when you kids around since they are not slippery, unlike ceramic tiles or stone flooring. They are an ideal pick for the bathrooms and kitchen where spillage is mostly unavoidable.

Karndean flooring weighs less making the tiles easy to install unlike other flooring options such as stone or ceramic tiles. This feature also makes them a superb choice for upstairs flooring.
They are also easy to clean and do not harbour any bacteria such as mites like carpets and another flooring. They are an ideal choice for the underfloor heating systems.
Due to its nature as a non-manufacturing material, you will be free from any manufacturing process defects. Their natural designs also make them warmer, unlike marble, stone or ceramics.
They are also hardwearing and unlike another flooring such as Laminates and they are known to maintain their shape. This feature also makes it durable.

Karndean flooring can be customised according to personal preference by adding other decorative design features, borders, and strips to make it unique and desirable.

Different designs
Ship’s deck: It is chocolate or ebony design strips that are dark, and they are integrated between each wood look plank. It can make the Karndean tile larger in its appearance.
Decorative Borders: adding decorative borders complement your Karndean floor and are especially wonderful in an open-plan space.

Keyline Border: A Keyline border addition makes your Karndean flooring to be more sophisticated, and there are a different array of designs to choose and add.
Layout: you can also add different patterns such as chequerboard, 45° (degrees) straight lay or herringbone.

Combined Designs: Karndean flooring allows you to combine different designs such as color palette with contrasting tones and have decorated texture.

Our Karndean luxury tiles in Nottingham are the best both in designs and quality. Home space flooring is a long-term commitment and Karndean flooring is an ideal choice that will provide a wonderful space for a long period.

Visit our website to find out more about the Karndean range: http://www.county-flooring.co.uk/products/luxuryVinylTiles/karndean/